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The PumPeCapple - The only place in the Savannah area you will find this is here at Coastal Confections. This is everything you could want in a Thanksgiving dessert, all stacked into one HUGE dessert. We take our Bourbon Pecan Pie and bake it inside our Chocolate cake, stack that on top of our Pumpkin Pie that is baked inside our Pumpkin Spice cake, stack all this on top of our Apple pie that is baked inside our Spice cake. Then we cover everything in our Brown Butter frosting, apply a Praline crumble around the bottom and drizzle Dulce de Leche across the top!
The Pum-Pe-Capple - the perfect dessert to make your Thanksgiving guests go WOW! or WHOA! or OH MY GOD! (You choose).

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